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We are in US with customers

Time: 2018-07-10
Summary: We like to listen to customer's voice to improve ourselves.
We are in US with customers
It is same as most of factories and companies that are specialized in foreign trade industry, RunBalance usually communicated with customers by e-mail or other instant message,there is few chance for both us and customer to have a face-to-face communication which could help to deepen mutual friendship and strengthen cooperation,except attending exhibition and customer.
In order to know clearly actual situation for both sides and the market to offer better service to customer, this year, our team adjusted the direction and made a changes. Our team took the first step and visited  our foreign customers, do not just wait for customer's visit.
Our first stop is US, and visit our old customers, Jay,who have been cooperated with RunBalance since 2010 and are specialized in health care industry.
When we talked with Jay, he said "it is amazing to see you in US,and RunBalance is one of my few supplier who come to US to visit us, most of time it's me to visit China ”
Jay also took us around his pharmacy shop and shared us other hot sell item in US market. Meantime,Jay showed high interest towards RunBalance's new item, stainless steel bracelet with full magnetic and copper sheet.
  "Magnetic and cooper are popular in US, but there is no item that combine magnetic with copper sheet in US market, I think it will be another selling point in US" Jay said.
This visit have been brought  us a lot, not only customers placed some order for us , but also help RunBalance to know more customer's need and their development about the new products, also to have a more clear communication toward finding out the ways about the problem happened before.

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