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5 in 1 RunBalance bracelets

Time: 2019-01-10
Summary: We always focus on developing new products and new processes.
5 in 1 RunBalance bracelets
As we can search in all website and platform,usual RuBalance bracelets' elements design are full magnetic and 4 in 1.
One day,we got a inquiry from a customer call LLC "Green Energy".The inquiry is the same as other customers,said that they are interested in our RunBalance bracelets.But they want to make RunBalance bracelets belong to them,which can match their company's concept of green energy, environmental protection.
After that,we have several times meeting with our development department to discuss how to add environmental protection, green elements to the original RunBalance bracelets.And the bracelets not only can maintain the function of health care, but also can reflect the concept of environmental protection.After a several days discussion,5 in 1 RunBalance bracelet come out in final.It is adding a new green element to 4 in 1 bracelet.
We show our design and idea to our customer,they are so satisfy with it and confirm the order immediately.After received the bracelets,custom is very happy and selling very well.And also want to use this design idea to other categories,like ring,necklace and so on.
With the deterioration of ecological environment. Human beings are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and green environmental protection. The design concept of 5 in 1 RunBalance bracelet just fits this concept, which will be a big market.

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