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Stainless steel copper RunBalance bracelets

Time: 2019-01-10
Summary: RunBalance always focus on developing new products and new processes.
Stainless steel copper RunBalance bracelets
Copper is essential nutrient for the body.It helps maintain healthy bones,blood vessels,nerves,and immune function,and it contributes to iron absorption.So copper RunBalance bracelets is very popular,because it contains copper,magnetic,germanium,FIR and Ion function.
One day,a custom contact us whether we can make copper bracelets in other colors,because all sellers are selling the same color,he wants to sell something different.This request just gives us inspiration.But copper material has color limitations.It can not plating other color coating.Our factory try several times to plating color,but fail. 
When we are confused,we inspired by a crystal ring.How about inserting copper slice into stainless steel or titanium bracelets?Just like the crystal inserting. In this way,the bracelets not only have function of cooper bracelets,but also can meet customers’ color request.
RunBalance makes you fashion and healthy!

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