How long my magnetic bracelet will work?

How long my magnetic bracelet will work?

How long my magnetic bracelet will work?
How long will it take for my magnetic bracelet to work?

We routinely send an email request to buyers to review their purchases. As many reviews the purchase the same day they receive it, we can see much feedbacks in the line of "...Too early to tell if the magnets are helping with our arthritis." Not surprising really, as they receive our feedback request email a day or two after their order was delivered (Maybe we need to send this feedback request a little later...)

Here are some of those that said that our magnetic bracelets did have a positive effect:

"I can definitely feel the magnets in this bracelet. And the pain in both of my arms is gone in less than a week. I had a small stroke about 2 weeks ago and my left arm feels so much better with the bracelet. And I have my own beliefs about putting magnets on your body and one of those is the possibility of them helping to protect a person from electromagnetic frequencies. Anyway...I bought 2 and really like them so far.."

"very nice looking bracelet on the wrist.More like a burnished copper color. It was easy to remove a few links with the removal tool. But the tool needs to be lined up perfectly with a pin before trying to remove it. The shrink-wrap on the entire bracelet was a NIGHTMARE to remove! Please try a different way to package it. Otherwise, I like it.."

"Fabulous quality looks good and helps with the arthritis pain in my hands"

"I was very skeptical about whether this bracelet would have any effect or not. I have carpal tunnel and arthritis from years of working in restaurants and playing guitar, and I'm happy you say this bracelet really made a noticeable difference. It's not a miracle or anything, but definitely helps the pain in my wrist, will probably by another next week."

"Fast delivery good product comfortable to wear and is very good for pain relief"

"Excellent bracelet, it really works. I've bought two of them as me and my husband do have the same problem that the wrist or palm gets so painful from time to time (it hurts when it is about to rain or weather changes too drastically). It only took about one day to make us feel better and it has been heavy rain weather in the last days and we haven't experienced any pain since we've got these bracelets and wear them all the time.."

"Improved my balance and removed my lower back pain, also noticed some improvement in my mood, therefore it’s a 5 star"

"Very well made, and has LOTS of magnetic power and it's well distributed. Medical science cannot validate the efficacy of these bracelets, relying on their old fall-back that it must be the "placebo effect" which causes folks wearing these to feel better. Honestly, my arthritis is getting pretty bad so, I'll take any relief wherever I can find it. These types of copper bracelets DO WORK for me at least, and this one, in particular, is excellent."

"Someone suggested to me to purchase this bracelet because I have carpal tunnel and I was sleeping in a hand brace. I have been wearing my bracelet for almost a week and the pain in my arm has greatly reduced and I haven't had to sleep in my hand brace. Before wearing the bracelet my fingers would go numb while keying at work and that hasn't happened since wearing this bracelet. So far the bracelet is working for me."

"I admit I was a bit hesitant purchasing this bracelet. I suffer from carpal tunnel and onset arthritis to my fingers. I was surprised that it worked! It didn't take away the tingly sensation on my fingers, but the numbness went away. Sold on this concept. I purchased another bracelet. I'm wearing two and I have to say, blood is flowing to my fingers. It doesn't remove all the pain, but it helps! Besides, rose gold is so popular these days, my friends think it's a real rose gold bracelet. I got them all fooled."

"This bracelet is a wonderful product! I waited to rate this product to give it a fair opinion. Having worn it almost every day for 5 months I have had only 2 episodes of my arthritic thumb hurting. (I have CMC arthritis in my thumb muscle.) Before wearing this bracelet, I hurt quite often. I’m so glad I found this product!"

"Very nicely packaged in a velvet pouch. Attractive bracelet. I will wear it daily and am hopeful the bracelet will alleviate the pain in my thumb and wrist caused by arthritis. I don't expect miracles. It is an inexpensive solution that may just work. I have heard others swear by these copper bracelets, despite lack of scientific evidence. It's worth a try."

So, the bottom line: We cannot tell how long it will take before you are expected to feel a difference, and it seems that some will feel a positive effect very fast, while some will feel it a few weeks later.

On a personal level in our office, we have all noticed the benefits of wearing them (even the more skeptical ones!), within a week or so.